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Welcome to 
The Hive
on Gerrish

The Hive on Gerrish is a community workspace designed to help entrepreneurs and business professionals have a reliable and cohesive home base to help amplify their productivity and to be part of a supportive team. 

The Hive is comprised of 7 full-time offices. Heat, lights, internet and parking are included.

Rates range from $350 to $500 plus HST a month.

129 Gerrish Street
Windsor, Nova Scotia

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The Hive On Gerrish is
currently fully rented.
Please send us an e-mail to be added to the waiting list.


It is more than a space. 
It's a community. 

Have you ever worked with an office full of people who love their job and wanted to be there? That is what The Hive On Gerrish is all about. It's a co-working space that buzzes with support and camaraderie. 

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