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Purple Lilac

Digital Media


Get up to $2400 to grow your business online

Small Businesses!

There is a $2400 grant waiting for YOU!

Who is eligible?

There are very few parameters to be eligible for the CDAP grant.

For Profit




Image by Charlotte Coneybeer

Eligible Services

The following activities are eligible

Implementation or improvement

of an e-commerce plan (online store) or website with communication abilities

Cost related to website

Search Engine Optimization

Customer mail list add on,

booking, subscription fees etc

Cost of back office solutions

/software to support

e-commerce strategy

Hardwear 20% of grant total

Social Media or digital advertising (50%)

including Google Business Account

Cost related to the creation of

a customer database

What costs are ineligible?

Cost of connectivity (internet, telephone lines etc)

Cost of pre-existing e-commerce solutions or subscriptions

Previous purchases

General web design, logo design, signs & branding materials*

Internal salaries & wages

Office software (Microsoft Office)

Costs related to shipping goods purchased  through the e-commerce platform.

Where Can Your Grant Money Go?

Grant Information

*Actual form options. Ask Mandy where you should allocate your funds.


What to expect

Program Steps

Business creates account and

completes digital self-assessment

Business creates grant application

Business is either pre-approved or deemed ineligible

Business registers for virtual meeting with CDAP

Business submits 1 page spending plan

Spending plan is approved or returned with amendments

Business has 90 days to implement spending plan

Business submits receipts and is reimbursed

About Purple Lilac

A small but mighty group of three

At Purple Lilac Digital Media, we take pride in offering a comprehensive array of professional services designed to enhance your business's presence.

From distinctive logos and custom website design to targeted Facebook ads, custom printed materials (including business cards), digital assistance, and social media management, consider us your dedicated partners in success.

Ready to elevate your brand with care and precision?


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